Olkeri was started with the vision that anyone deserves a chance to live the life they were made to live. At Olkeri, women empowerment and specifically that of the Maa Women is paramount. We believe that empowering women helps improve the lives of their children, families and their entire community.

Thus, with this vision in mind, the Olkeri Women Group was born.

This group based in Olkeri; a county assembly ward in Narok West constituency, aims to help improve the standards of living of the women of Olkeri by providing an opportunity for them to earn money by engaging in beadwork.

In the Maa community, beadwork is a skill passed along from generation to generation from a mother to a daughter. This God-given ability has been able to help Maa women in many communities take care of their families over the years. Hence, with a little help, women of Olkeri can be trained to make quality handiwork that if sold to the local and international markets can be able to earn them a good income.

More projects

Another project close to our heart is the provision of clean water to the Olkeri community. Maa women are normally forced to walk several kilometers daily to access water. Many times, these women can only access dirty water which is a hazard to them and their children. The provision of water tanks to aid in rainwater harvesting will go a long way to provide for this very basic need.

The final project under our belt is the provision of affordable medical care especially to the children of Olkeri. Health insurance in marginalized communities is a pipe dream for most of them. The government health care fund (NHIF) provides for affordable medical insurance however, the price of 6000 shs per annum is still costly for many. Funding from well-wishers and donors can go a long way to provide this need ensuring children can acquire the health care they deserve.


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